2019-05-10: to prove i was paying attention

2018-01-15: on martin luther king day

2017-12-13: that light you love now just won't shine

2017-12-11: after biting my tongue

2017-11-13: laying into monday

2017-11-01: you're not really here, that's just the radio

2017-10-05: raised on promises

2017-09-29: night

2017-09-29: no one waits up for you

2017-09-25: piano. percussion.

2017-09-19: get your plane right on time

2017-09-08: i was born to do

2017-08-10: some distant lateral present

2017-08-08: comedy of errors

2017-07-27: we can dance but we can't feel the beat

2017-07-24: the paragon of animals

2017-07-20: message received, loud and clear

2017-07-18: these arms of mine, they are burning

2017-07-13: sounds are the best

2017-07-12: hemingway, fishermen, longing

2017-07-11: saints don't bother with a tear stained eye

2017-07-10: isn't it pretty to think so?

2017-07-07: too late to beg you or cancel it

2017-07-02: the cum diaries

2017-06-28: not if you were the last poet on earth

2017-06-25: dogs and beer and track and trails

2017-06-21: the moonlight is kind and unkind

2017-06-20: there will be strains that break out of straight time

2017-06-14: born again misanthrope

2017-06-13: evil don't look like anything

2017-06-12: love whoever is around to be loved

2017-06-11: bared face in the starlight

2017-06-10: we will wade in the shine of the ever

2017-06-08: the purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person

2017-06-06: living is so dear

2017-06-05: call us home, kiss our cheeks

2017-06-04: i take back everything i've said

2017-06-03: bats were born bats

2017-06-02: the green part. and then the beer part.

2017-06-01: the things are so pretty

2017-05-31: open yourself up to the asphalt

2017-05-30: is this how its supposed to work?

2017-05-28: whatever the moon has always meant

2017-05-26: there is a light that never goes out

2017-05-21: like a bird without a song

2017-05-20: i've given you all and now i'm nothing

2017-05-19: the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing

2017-05-17: my earnest erstwhile lover

2017-05-15: slutty with a chance of fuck

2017-05-15: "life tends to come and go"

2017-05-13: the mountain is so beautiful that we don't know if we're any good at all

2017-05-12: once upon a time i had control

2017-04-07: plagiarism begins with you

2017-03-31: fifteen minutes with you

2017-03-30: you shut your mouth

2017-03-19: there is a wait so long

2017-03-17: infinitesmially scaled

2015-10-11: girl with the parking lot eyes

2015-09-07: who wants to live forever?

2015-04-16: this is dedicated to the one i love

2014-10-12: teach ten thousand stars how not to dance

2014-05-22: this is your life

2013-10-31: dining solo at golden corral on such a winter's day

2013-08-13: who the hell can see forever?

2013-07-07: with maps, a mountain range, a piggy bank

2012-08-20: love is so short and forgetting is so long.

2011-10-17: the best men prefer old pipes and torn jackets

2011-03-11: i give up

2011-03-03: happiness hit her like a train on a track

2011-01-11: downloaded in real time

2010-08-31: twenty three months

2010-04-01: ganas

2009-05-04: Cuando tenga mi propia casa me gustar´┐Ża vivir en un piso en la ciudad, porque el campo es demasiado silencioso

2008-10-11: Ora pro nobis peccatoribus

2006-10-10: "fox confessor brings the flood"

2006-01-11: "with the grace of a corpse"

2005-12-30: glorious gravediggers riding their golden machinery

2005-01-22: "some enchanted evening"

2004-11-13: "All the things you are not yet"

2004-08-29: "lit by moonlight or dawning"

2004-06-19: "with no warmth within"

2004-05-23: I became a Heideggarian

2004-03-24: couture for the care not

2004-03-11: veridical hallucination

2004-03-03: i'll not be who i'll become

2004-02-22: what jake knows

2004-02-03: "a three day debate on a high-rise estate, what's at the back of your mind?"

2003-10-22: with you as your instrument

2003-07-17: "all the good that won't come out of me"

2003-07-15: "the perfect display of random acts of hopelessness"

2003-07-08: "hold the earth in place"

2003-07-03: "our warm, lonely planet"

2003-06-30: "resolved to real things happening to me."

2003-06-26: "challenging the mountain"

2003-06-07: "you've got a minute left to fall in love"

2003-05-15: "in i'm-going-to-heaven shoes"

2003-05-09: "i swear that i don't have a gun"

2003-05-08: "put your head on my shoulder"

2003-05-07: "i want you to say my name again"

2003-05-04: "i wanna be a cowboy baby"

2003-05-01: "lost in the foothills of my pride"

2003-04-22: "we are drawn to edges"

2003-03-27: "somebody said to me that i could be in love with almost anyone"

2003-03-25: "in the midst of life, we are in death etc."

2003-03-12: "seashell eyes, windy smile"

2003-03-08: "packed with foam and blind drunk"

2003-03-07: "don't fret, my pet"

2003-03-03: "sisyphus and the sudden lightness"

2003-02-25: "red devil dawn"

2003-02-22: "all at once you were cause for a pitiful cure"

2003-02-19: "it lays me back a while"

2003-02-08: i swallowed a canary.

2003-01-06: "ricky likes to take it up the a-hole"

2003-01-03: "pull the smile inside"

2003-01-02: "all the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke"

2002-12-30: "she gave herself away for a moment but no one would take her"

2002-12-25: "angie don't you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet"

2002-12-24: "i am an incurabale and nothing else behaves like me"

2002-12-21: "the books he was to borrow he would surely never read"

2002-12-19: "you say its your birthday"

2002-12-14: "murder what matters to you"

2002-11-19: "ripples in her hair, i love you she hollers over the propellers."

2002-11-14: "she's been picking her fights like she knows how to win them"

2002-11-07: "i always walked myself from your place home."

2002-11-05: "all the night's pride and shame has been redeemed by shadows"

2002-11-02: "the beams we used to build our house are breaking at last."

2002-10-26: "a makeover story"

2002-10-08: "the last broadcast"

2002-09-29: "nothing's measured by what it needs"

2002-09-23: "alpha desperation march"

2002-09-16: "don't hold us back, we're the story you tell."

2002-09-12: "bedroom community"

2002-09-09: "do you remember the time i knew a girl from mars?"

2002-09-05: "i was as helpless as a chess piece"

2002-09-03: "bookends"

2002-08-29: "like when i fell under the weight of a school-boy crush"

2002-08-27: "her psychology today" or how i learned to stop loving and worry the bomb

2002-08-22: "i had a plan that was built on thinking too long"

2002-08-20: "you will stay a mile away from me"

2002-08-16: "and her tears are shining honey sweet with love"

2002-08-13: "stopped for a spell and stayed that way...."

2002-08-12: "in your busted down ford and your platform heels"

2002-08-09: "who sucked out the feeling?"

2002-08-08: hola. me llamo dramathighs. y tu?

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